What To Do When Bullying Occurs?

Victimisation problems at school and online can be very complex and quite often may require an integrated intervention that involves different educational and professional figures. However, teachers can do something every day to make students’ feel better and safer at school. No matter how big or small, your contribution counts!

There are no easy fixes or antidotes to tackle bullying episodes, but everyone can play a role in promoting change in their own school by proactively responding to bullying and promoting the use of efficacious educational practices. These practices can be implemented at different levels: the whole school, the classroom, the individual student and the family (Slee, 2016; Smith, 2020).


Reflection Activity

Having “allies” may be useful to effectively intervene and help a bullied student. In your school, who might be willing to discuss how to promote change? Think of one or two people who you would feel comfortable reaching out to. How could you ask for their collaboration in a way that might maximize their motivation?