11. Summary

Now that we have finished the module, you might be interested in knowing how Helena’s story ends…

The outcome of Helena’s story depends, to some extent, on the actions and abilities of the adults who are responsible for her care and protection. Click on each of the options below to see how the different strategies change the end of her story.

What outcome would you choose for Helena? Do you feel more prepared to deal with a potential child sexual abuse disclosure? Make sure that you have access to the necessary resources and supports at your school and that you have knowledge of your country’s protocol so that if any of your students have a similar experience, you can help them towards the best possible outcome. Remember, taking NO ACTION will NOT PROTECT the child.


The life outcomes for a victim of sexual abuse can be changed by the actions of their teachers. We hope that, after this module, you have gained important knowledge about the types of sexual victimisation that can be experienced in childhood and how often it occurs. We also hope that you now have more tools to detect potential cases of child sexual abuse and protect your students. Your students will thank you!