Introduction To Child Sexual Victimisation

 1. Introduction to Child Sexual Victimisation

Sexual victimisation, and in particular, child sexual abuse, is a difficult issue to address. However, given the prevalence of the phenomenon, it is our duty as educators to learn about child sexual abuse in order to be able to help and protect our students.

Although child sexual abuse is addressed in media, cinema and literature, information from these sources is often inaccurate and does not correspond with the most up to date scientific knowledge and research. Here we aim to help educators strengthen their awareness and understanding of what child sexual abuse is and its potential impact on child development. We also aim to help educators build the skills they need to recognise potential cases of child sexual victimisation and to act effectively when they suspect that one of their students may be experiencing sexual abuse.

This module has been designed for educators across the entire European region. If you want to know more about specific training proposals in your territory/area, we suggest that you visit the links suggested at the end of this module.